Freak hot chocolate at The Beehive Coffee House

Hot chocolate attack with Bailey's

  Freakshakes are causing a frenzy all over BuzzFeed, Instagram thanks to their Insta-worthiness and appealing to the general publics sweet tooth and appetite for epic food challenges. The Beehive Coffee House has been absolutely buzzing with bees-iness thanks to the free publicity from Facebook and Instagram. You only have to take a glance of their Facebook page […]

Lobster Thursdays at Brown’s Restaurant

Champagne lobster thermidor

Brown’s is a chain of restaurants round the UK located in fancy heritage buildings. Thursdays are Lobster Thursdays during which they serve fresh lobster at very reasonable prices. Apparently Cambridge animal rights activists protested against the restaurant for cooking lobsters live back in 2014. As long as the lobsters are killed humanely (which the restaurant said […]