Pieminister’s brunch menu

The BangerPieminister are running a promo of 50% off brunch menu items on weekends in November and December. I went there too late last Sunday and couldn’t get a seat.

I had The Banger – an open-top pie. The smoky baked beans were too sour and watery and the sausage was too peppery.

The Banger is packed with free range, British pork sausage and smoked bacon with roast plum tomatoes and a crisp rӧsti potato top. Served on a bed of Bubble & Squeak and topped with a free range poached egg it comes with a side of homemade smoky baked beans.

The milkshake (made with Marshfield ice-cream) was too watery and foamy and I finished the whole glass in one sip. I don’t think there was even 100 ml of milk/ice-cream in it.

For a total bill of £ 5.88, well I can’t complain!

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