Las Iguanas

I come here occasionally for special occasions as my friends like it and one even declared that “they have the best nachos ever!” I beg to differ, the food here is only so-so and nothing there is spicy enough for my Malaysian tastebuds. On this occasion we were celebrating a friend’s birthday (for whom I […]


Congee (rice porridge) is warming on a cold day or when you’re sick. It cooks in just 10-15 minutes. I came across this tip to speed up cooking: freeze the rice so that they disintegrate more easily when they become brittle after freezing. Pop them into a rice cooker with plenty of water (topping up the water if […]

Vee Double Moo

Vee Double Moo sells ice-cream from a vintage VW camper van in a few locations across Bristol. This is Mr. Whippy Level 100! I think this was £ 3? Soft-serve ice-cream with brownie, hot fudge, peanut butter, crushed peanut brittle and whipped cream! Cardiac arrest-inducing especially after walking up Brandon Hill! 😛