Miller & Carter Steakhouse

Miller & Carter recently opened a branch in Bristol’s Cribbs Causeway. Mind you, Cribbs Causeway refers to the area. The restaurant actually shares a lot with Travelodge. The first time I tried to get there, I spent an age wandering around The Mall, Cribbs Causeway trying to locate it cos a road name wasn’t given.

The salad that comes with the steak had a hilarious presentation. The dressing I have here is stilton and blue cheese.  It’s a quarter of a lettuce head and the leaves weren’t even separated. Guess the chefs became lazy…?

I had the 8 oz 45-day aged rump steak cooked to medium for £ 17.95. It comes with the aforementioned salad and fries and a delicious piece deep-fried onion loaf – the frying process caramelises the onions. I had it with blue cheese & truffle oil sauce for the steak. The steak was yummy and as a non-steak person I was happy to eat it cooked to medium.

However, the ‘lobster’ mac and cheese was a fucking disgrace. I say ‘lobster’ with air-quotes cos it’s made with mock crab claw.

What a shame cos the waiters are friendly. I’ll even forgive the blunder of the waitress automatically handing the bill to Alastair despite the fact that it was me (the female!) who was brandishing my card. (Lloyds gave me a 10% cashback offer cos it noticed that I spent money at my last visit Miller & Carter)

Thanks Alastair for the photos.

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