Full English at Mud Dock Cafe

Mud Dock Full English

Mud Dock Cafe is the cafe owned by Mud Dock Cycleworks (where I bought my Brompton). They have an offer on Wriggle for a Full English for only £ 4.95. That’s cheaper than a pint next door at Severnshed.

Granary toast, scrambled eggs, back bacon, free-range pork sausage, grilled tomato, button mushrooms and their very own baked beans.

Mud Dock Mocha
Mud Dock Mocha

It was above average. Wouldn’t pay full price of £ 9 for it though. The bacon and sausages have a nice char to them and it comes with scrambled eggs. My favourite Full English is from Dizzy’s Cafe.

The mocha is chocolate-y and comes with an Ameretti biscuit. The coffee is from the local Clifton Coffee Roasters.



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  1. do you have any recipe for dinner ?

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