Lobster Thursdays at Brown’s Restaurant

Champagne lobster thermidor

Brown’s is a chain of restaurants round the UK located in fancy heritage buildings.

Thursdays are Lobster Thursdays during which they serve fresh lobster at very reasonable prices.

Apparently Cambridge animal rights activists protested against the restaurant for cooking lobsters live back in 2014. As long as the lobsters are killed humanely (which the restaurant said they did by chilling them to knock them unconscious) they shouldn’t feel pain.

£ 19.95 for a whole lobster thermidor (containing champagne)!!! Beat that!!! Second bargain of the year! Sadly, I couldn’t say the same for the £ 4.95 tempura prawns. They weren’t as fresh and caused my lips to swell up due to an allergic reaction.

The other prices are: Grilled whole lobster £19.95, Champagne lobster thermidor £19.95, Lobster surf & turf for two £49.95 (or £ 28.95 for one).

They also do happy hour from Sunday to Thursday during which selected cocktails are £ 5 each. I had a Peach Bellini.

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