Itsu Bristol opening and half-priced sushi

Itsu Bristol
Itsu half-price
Itsu half-price

Itsu are one of those pseudo-Asian chain outlets aimed at wealthy health-conscious City workers i.e. hangry overpriced food. I’ve had it a few times before from the Kings Cross outlet. They also make instant cup noodles sold at supermarkets. The glass vermicelli one I tried was pretty okay .

I happened to pass by in the evening of the opening day of Itsu’s Bristol outlet.

Half an hour before closing, all sushi and salads are half-price! In spite of what the website claims (half-price sale starts at 6.30 pm), it actually starts at 8.30 pm. I wasn’t aware of that and nearly paid full-price for a beef box. I nipped out to Mission Burrito to while away the time and have my dinner only to return at 8.50 pm.

By that time, most of the stuff was already sold out, except for the salmon and vegetable ones. (All the more salmon for meeeee!)

I snagged a tuna and salmon sashimi, and a steamed salmon with poached egg. For the grand total of only £ 5.74!

When I left it was already 9 pm – closing time. There was still lots of smoked salmon and sashimi left. I wonder whether it’s given away to the homeless people of Bristol (poor them having to stomach raw fish or go hungry!).

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