Malaysian Kitchen truck with Ping Coombes

Ping Coombes made headlines back home when she won the title of MasterChef 2014 because she’s Malaysian.

Was rather disappointed that the whole purpose of this tour was to promote ready-made Malaysian cooking sauces and Ping used them to prepare the food too. At least, the rendang was marinated overnight – that’s how it should be done to allow the sauce to penetrate through the meat.

My Malaysian friend visiting from Dublin and I sat here for almost 3 hours. She cooked curry laksa (better known as curry mee – the name threw me off a bit!) and beef rendang. Was supposed to demo chicken curry too but beef rendang was repeated the 3rd hour I was there. We got to try the samples and it was like eating heaven-sent food after not having near-authentic Malaysian food in a LOOOONG TIME!

And I was RIGHT, Malaysian rendang is 100x more flavourful and tender than The Holy Grill (according to some deluded friends who felt sorry for me that I found the meat too dry) that is Grillstock Smokehouse’s pulled pork.

I have never seen so many people buying those stupid Malaysian products. I say stupid because some of the products are manufactured by Yeo’s Singapore, and the Milo was from Kenya (not Made in Malaysia). Still, it was a good effort from Malaysian Kitchen to promote Malaysian food.

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