Brekkie + oysters at Source

Source prides itself on selling only high-quality produce. I had a very miserable breakfast at Source as the maple bacon pancakes that I had my eye on were sold out. Settled with porridge. And because it’s healthy and natural, is basically bland with some molasses on top.
While I was browsing the butcher’s and fishmonger’s, I saw oysters and had a stroke of genius. My dining companion was eating her vegetarian English breakfast with some Tabasco sauce. Why don’t I have the oysters here instead of transporting it back home? At the fishmonger’s it costs £ 1.20 per oyster. As I expressed my wishes to the fishmonger, the way he went around preparing all the components was with such theatricality, running in and out from the kitchen. Finally, it ended up costing £ 4 to eat in two oysters. The oysters came on top of a bed of ice with two lemon wedges and a plate of onion pickle as a garnish.

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