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  • Hainanese chicken pie

    Saw a post on Facebook of a video recipe for puff pastry chicken pie and it reminded me of Hainanese chicken pie, a dish unique to Penang. It’s a dish invented by Hainanese cooks for their British masters in colonial Malaysia. Most versions are in a brown sauce – a mixture of soya sauce and Worchestershire […]

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  • Shrimp Tacos

    I saw a recipe on Facebook, thought I saved it and couldn’t find it today! This recipe is based on a vague memory and my own improv. I assure you, it’s tacos plural. The filling mix weighs 1 kg! The photo only shows one taco because I already ate the imperfect first one. Ingredients: Tortillas […]

  • Eating Out
  • ‘Full Bam’ breakfast at Bambalan

    I had a Wriggle voucher for a ‘Full Bam’ breakfast – Bambalan’s North African influenced Full English. Grilled merguez sausage, streaky bacon, baked eggs, slow cooked tomato, flat mushroom, potato & chickpea hash brown, spiced beans, sourdough. Two eggs, two strips of bacon, two sausages! Their version of a merguez sausage is made from pork. […]